daek william studios covers a wide verity of visual services from hand painted artwork to custom sculptural builds, light boxes and graphic designs, we can supply single custom artworks to suit a space to a full range fit out which includes hand written signage, custom murals and interesting unique sculptural pieces to suit home or commercial spaces


residential interior - wooden built artwork including curved edges, planter box and moon lighting.


Interior  feature wallpaper such as this hand painted palm leaf with copper finish



lot 20 -CUSTOM BUILt artwork incorperating the lighting a 3d hand was created to tie the artwork into the space


Residential outdoor - jungle waterfall aerosol artwork to bring relax and unique feel to your home.


curtin university - commercial artwork to create the atmosphere that the space is designed to be.



 CREATIVE DIRECTION with helping small business find their visual brand


el publico - custom interior hand painted arwork on canvas to suit the tequila bar


tiki as fk - light box signage, custom built light box group with logo character and typography vinyl stickers



Faux finishes - plain blank walls being brought to life with effects such as brushed steel or worn copper